YouTube promises to fix iPhone and iPad battery issues after Apple users report it is draining all their charge

YouTube appears to be secretly draining people’s iPhone and iPad batteries at stunning speed.

A number of users of Apple’s devices report that the video app is sapping their battery – even when their users aren’t watching videos or even have the app open at all.

Since iOS 11 was launched, a number of people have complained that their updated phones and iPads are running out of battery more quickly. And while it’s unlikely that the YouTube problem explains all of those issues, it may help alleviate some of them.

Many people report that since installing that update – and using YouTube – their battery can drain as quickly as 20 per cent in just half an hour. A number of users suggest that is happening even when the app is shut, despite the fact that YouTube can’t play in the background.

In response to a complain on Twitter, the “Team YouTube” account confirmed the company was aware of the problem. “This is something we’re actively working on,” it wrote.

It’s easy to check how much damage YouTube – or any other app – is doing to your iPhone or iPad battery. To find that out, open up the Settings app and head to the battery options, where you can find how much battery each app is using and how long it has been used for.

To ensure that YouTube is fully shut and therefore unable to drain your battery, it can be force quit from the multitasking menu. That option is enabled by double pressing the home button on most devices, and then YouTube can be swiped out of that view to force it to shut.

(If you want to be more sure, or if that doesn’t work, you can stop using the YouTube app entirely and use the website instead.)

Some have suggested that the problem may have arisen with one of the many updates Apple has pushed out since it released iOS 11 in September. That original update brought a range of battery problems, though they appear to gradually be getting fixed with new, smaller updates.

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