Your iPhone can do more than you think. Here are 8 nifty tricks you haven’t heard of before

Along with their many other benefits, having smartphones has allowed all of us to have near-professional grade photography equipment with us at all times.

Anyone who has a newer iPhone is likely still in awe of how good the cameras on these phones are. Still, there are many tricks and techniques people can use to get even more out of their phone cameras. Here are six of them:

1) Multiple Person Illusion


To do this one, you’ll need a partner who’s willing to take a shot for you and help you through the process. To begin, have your friend start taking a normal panoramic photo and pose on the edge of the frame. Once he pans past you, run behind your friend’s back (in other words, behind the camera) and repose a little further along in the frame. Each time your friend pans past you, you can repeat this process to create the illusion that there are multiple clones of you in the same image. Pretty cool, huh?

2) Shooting Stills while Filming



This trick is one of the simpler ones though it’s still useful in taking great photographs. To accomplish this, start filming a video. When you see a moment that seems worth capturing as a standalone photo, just tap the gray shutter button again to the left of the red record button to get an image of it. Simple!

3) Vertical Panorama



Though we’ve all seen the wide, horizontal panorama shots, did you know that you can also accomplish these shots vertically? Though it takes a little practice, it’s doable. To start, open the panorama mode. Though it starts horizontal, flip your phone to vertical and wait for the screen to readjust. After that, just pan upwards while keeping the arrow on the line.

4) Taking Perfect Action Shots



As a photographer, it can be hard to capture the exact perfect moment in scenes with a lot of movement or action in them. Fortunately, the iPhone has a robust enough camera to handle all sorts of situations. To accomplish this, simply hold the shutter button down to take many pictures in a row of whatever you’re shooting. After that, go through your photos and pick the best one!

5) Keeping the Horizon on a Line



When you’re taking a picture of a landscape or a vista, sometimes you only notice after that you were holding the camera slightly crooked. To fix this, Apple has a simple solution. Go into your Photo and Camera settings, scroll down a little bit and then turn “grid” on. When you go back to your camera screen, you’ll now see a few helpful guiding lines you can use to compose your shots.

6) One Handed Selfies



It can sometimes be difficult to hold your camera in one hand and try to take a picture of yourself. Fortunately, the iPhone has a built-in trick for this situation as well. To make taking these pictures a little easier, just press the easier-to-reach volume button when the camera is open to take a picture of yourself.

7) Use Your iPhone as a Level


Source: iHandy Level

Simply download the iHandy Level application, or use swipe left in the built-in compass application, and you can use your iPhone to make sure things are level.

8) Mark and/or Send Your Location


Source: iMore

This trick is especially useful for finding friends in large places like parks and beaches. If you want to send your location to a friend, simply open the text conversation you are having with them, click “details” and then click “send my location.” Now, your friend can navigate towards you using the maps application.

Let us know if there are any other tricks you have heard about in the comments!

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