Woman Does One Thing She Loves, Loses 150 Pounds

Donnalousise Gragg of Dunedin, New Zealand and her husband were finally ready to take the next step in their relationship. They were ready to have a baby.

However, after a year of trying Gragg still hadn’t gotten pregnant.

She went to a doctor and got some startling news. At the time Gregg weighed 290 pounds and doctors told her that her weight was preventing her from getting pregnant.

“It’s very crushing to be told the only reason you are not pregnant is because of your weight but it’s always been a problem for me, I’ve been big all my life,” she told Daily Mail Australia.


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Gragg had always been able to lose weight in the past but always ended up putting it back on

“I’m great at losing weight and I’ve tried every diet possible but I always gained the weight back,” she said. “I was addicted to food and it was scary to take something away that I got so much pleasure from, but it was important I do something.”

So, she knew she had to take a different route than she had in the past.

“When I tipped the scales at 131.5kg / 290lbs, I knew that I needed to do something drastic,” she explained on Newsflare. “On February 7, 2015 I decided to have a gastric bypass.”


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She ended up losing a bit of weight before her surgery and reached her goal weight within 8 months of having her surgery.

She ended up losing even more within 13 months and weighed a healthy 133 lbs.

She wanted to do something special to celebrate her weight loss journey and created a fun video of her dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” which shows her shaking off her weight.


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The video shows her dancing to the song and going from 290 lbs to 154 lbs.

At the end of her video, she is shown fitting her entire body inside just one of her old pant legs.

“I hope you are inspired by this video, get a chuckle out of my crazy dancing and find your way over to my other videos,” she wrote. “No matter your addiction, ask for help – there are people out there who will help you. My new motto – healthier is happier.”


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Gragg’s video ended up going viral on the internet fulfilling her wish of inspiring thousands of people. Her transformation is truly amazing.

Find out what Gragg looked like at her final goal in the video below.

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