Woman Decides To Cut Beautiful Red Hair – Turns Into An Edgy And Contemporary Beauty

A haircut or hairstyle can completely change someone’s looks. Cutting off a few inches or changing the color can make for a dramatic transformation.

For the model in this video, cutting off almost all of her hair was just another day on the job.

The beautiful model has gorgeous, long, bright red hair. A cameraman follows her as she walks into the salon where she’s about to get ready for a photo shoot. But first — she was going to get a complete makeover. As she walks to the salon door, she is gently stroking her locks — getting a last few touches of the long strands.

Before she sits down for a new haircut, the photographer takes a few “before” pictures of the beautiful redhead. She has a very innocent and sweet look to her with her hair pulled back and wire-framed glasses. She’s casually dressed in a tee shirt and jeans.


Source: long to shorter haircuts via YouTube

After the initial few photos, it was time to sit in the salon chair. The hairdresser pulls back the model’s long locks and starts shaving the side of her head.

A section of the model’s hair is tied up top while the hairdresser shaves the sides of her head down to a full buzz cut. She can’t help but have a shocked look on her face at first, but it quickly turns into a smile as the hairdresser continues to work her magic.

A pile of long strands of red hair begins to pile at the model’s feet as the hairdresser shaves, cuts, and chops. The buzz cut it so tight to her head, the hair couldn’t get any shorter. It was a completely drastic change from what she looked like when she walked in the door.


Source: long to shorter haircuts via YouTube

The model’s head was almost completely shaved aside from one long section on top. She is hardly recognizable from when she entered the salon.

After a bit of styling, the beautiful model is left with a trendy, hip, and a very short pixie cut. It was a total transformation from the sweet and innocent girl with those long locks that first walked in the room. Now, it was time for makeup to complete her new look.


Source: long to shorter haircuts via YouTube

From fresh-faced to full-makeup, the model is ready for her final photo shoot. Her new look was a complete 180 from the old style. It’s clear that she’s a very adaptable model with multiple looks and styles. All of the stylists worked together to create an amazing and fresh look.

The model’s transformation below from wholesome and natural to edgy and contemporary is mind-blowing.

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