‘Wizard Of Oz’ Dance Routine Is Being Hailed As The ‘Greatest Pep Rally’ Ever

The Performance and Art Crew (PAC) team from Walden Grove High have once again gone viral, this time, with a stunning Wizard of Oz-themed homecoming rally performance.

If the PAC dance team sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen one of their other routines, like this Pixar homecoming performance from 2016.

Or this Alice in Wonderland themed one from 2014.

But if you’ve never seen these kids dance before, prepare to have your mind BLOWN.


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Because a media sources like Inspire More are calling this performance “the best pep rally EVER”.

This year, the theme of the Walden Grove’s homecoming was Wizard of Oz, and the PAC dance team definitely delivered. They incorporated so many fun little things that just brought this to the next level when it comes to incredible performances.

For example, when the routine begins, “Dorothy” is the only character out, prancing around and singing to one of The Wiz’s classic tunes— and as a fun tribute to the original, this portion of the video is all black-and-white.


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Suddenly, however, other dancers run out, racing a blanket around the dancer Dorothy, symbolizing the tornado that carries her off to Oz. When she “arrives, her house has been transformed, the video has incorporated color, and you just know things are about to get funky.


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Surrounded by Munchkins, Dorothy begins dancing to a modern mash-up of songs. A new song is used to introduce each of the movie’s main characters, and the selected songs’ lyrics coordinate with the character’s stories in hilarious ways.

For example, the Scarecrow enters to Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane”, while the Cowardly Lion gets his groove on to Katy Perry’s “Roar”. You also can’t forget the Wicked of the Witch who enters last, showing some leg and shaking her booty to T-Swift’s “Bad Blood”.


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Using a combination of modern songs and mind-blowing dance moves, the PAC dance team tells the entire The Wizard of Oz in an amazing new way.

The internet is absolutely loving the team’s dance skills and creativity, and since being posted less than a month ago, their video has already accrued over 1.3 MILLION views.


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The Walden Grove High School PAC also won first place at this year’s Arizona State Cheerleading/Pom Tournament— for the third year in a row.

Cori Anderson, a PAC member, tells the Sahuarita Sun, “We don’t just bring talent. We bring love, energy, inspiration and a good vibe to the dance room. You feel welcomed and love.”

For her part, dance team coach and instructor Kristy Lopez says her dancers “just have the mentality that they are going to outwork everybody. They don’t ever give in.”

Watch their incredible performance below.

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