Why you need to start a #plantgang this autumn

It’s official: houseplants have officially made the hipster hot list in homes across London. Instagram posts of #nofilter brunches are being swiftly replaced by proud portraits of cool new houseplants on coffee tables throughout the capital.

And the good news is, autumn is the best time to start your So, now is a great time to start your #plantgang.

While leaves on the trees around us are steadily turning orange and brown, tropical houseplants are evergreen so their luscious good looks remain that way throughout the cold months.

They’ve also been shown to clean the home of pollutants, reduce stress and improve your mood, which could always do with a boost after summer’s course is up.

On top of that, houseplants are dormant during autumn and winter so they become even easier to care for.

If you’re completely new to houseplants then Robin the Ficus Elastica is a brilliant plant to adopt. Extremely easy to look after the species has also been approved by NASA as one of the best air purifying plants.

Also ideal for the novice or forgetful gardener are (mostly) self-sufficient succulents, which come in a broad variety of colours, shapes and textures. 


Fidel: the ficus lyrata is great for novice houseplant parents

Or, tough as his namesake, beginners can try Fidel, the Ficus Lyrata. Originally from western Africa, Fidel will help your space achieve a tropical look with his lyre-shaped leaves.

Click through the slideshow above for the full list of the top 10 indoor plants to bring the outside in this autumn.

Freddie Blackett is the Founder of Patch (www.patch.garden)Whether inside or outside your home or office, Patch helps you discover the best plants for you, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. Follow @HelloPatch on Instagram to get inspired by the world’s best indoor and outdoor urban gardens.

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