Watch The World’s Most Elaborate Gender Reveal – Then Feel Bad For The Cleanup He Has After

A few years back, if someone were to utter the phrase “gender reveal” you would have no idea what the heck they were talking about. But in an age where everything is “extra” people take elaborate measures just to reveal the sex of their child.

Some people get flowers and balloons, throw parties, or have specially baked confections made that are either blue or pink to denote whether they are having a boy or a girl.

A huge difference from the days when you just made a phone call.

But one dad decided to go above and beyond and get extra extra with it. Actor/comedian and extra dad Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad Vlog spent three days with his best friends constructing an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that stretches throughout his entire home and ends with revealing the gender of his baby.


Source: Dude Dad Vlog

His contraption uses children’s toys, books, and home appliances that are rigged to trigger one another in a domino effect.

“We spent 3 full days building a Rube Goldberg machine all the way through our house to reveal the gender of our second baby,” Calmus wrote in his video’s description on YouTube. “We are so excited to meet the little one so we thought we’d start it off with a bang!”

It starts when their first child Theo knocks over his baby bottle.

That triggers a container of baby powder to swing in the air on a string until it hits a rolling toy xylophone. That sends a golf ball flying as the device is set off down the stairs and into the bathroom. A toy car starts rolling and hits an even tinier toy cars that roll into a series of books stacked like some dominoes.


Source: Dude Dad Vlog

This then sets off their kitchen mixer which triggers something else that rolls out a banner that reads, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

After that their ceiling fan goes off, then a soccer ball rolls down some more stairs and into the garage.

A golf ball starts zig-zagging about and turns on a blower, that knocks down some cassette tapes and turns on a machine that sprays pink confetti everywhere revealing that they are having a baby girl.

It scares baby Theo a bit but mom and dad couldn’t be more ecstatic. You really have to see things thing in action for yourself. Check out the video below.

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