Son Plays On Phone After Bedtime. Mom’s Punishment Has Some Cheering And Others Criticizing

Punishing children can be a sensitive and tricky subject for parents. What’s the appropriate way to punish your kids without being “too soft” or “too hard”? One mom’s idea is receiving praise, and criticism, from people all over the world.

MagicMum’s Facebook page shared a photo of a mom’s punishment for her son that broke a household rule. Her son isn’t allowed to use the phone after bedtime and, unlucky for him, she wasn’t going to let it slide easily.

Not only was her son grounded, but in order to become “un-grounded” he would have to earn “points.” Five hundred points to be exact. He could choose however he’d like to earn them back, but it was going to take some work.


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook

The mom’s punishment was a list of household chores; each one worth a certain amount of “points.” Her son needed to earn 500 to see his freedom.

The official notice of being grounded read:

You got grounded!!!
To get rid of your penalty, you must earn ___500_____ points.

Offense: _____ Playing on the mobile phone after bedtime _____

Write a nice letter to a family member = 10 points

Prepare and cook dinner = 50 points

1 load of laundry (get started, hang up, fold) = 100 points

Clean and organize a kitchen cupboard = 50 points per shelf

Empty the dishwasher = 25 points

Load the dishwasher = 25 points

Clean and wash off counters = 25 points

Clean out microwave = 40 points

Clean and vacuum the living room = 30 points

Sweep and mop kitchen = 30 points

Wash windows = 10 points per window

Water house plants = 10 points

Dust living room = 25 points

Clean bathroom (sink, toilet and floor) = 50 points

Take out trash (and rebag) = 10 points per garbage bag

Clean the litter box = 10 points”

The Facebook post read “Too harsh or about right?” Commenters decided to weigh in on the topic.


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook

Some people thought it was too harsh for the crime.


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook

Other people thought that household chores were not a harsh punishment at all.


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook


Source: Magic Mum via Facebook

This controversial post has been shared over 375,000 times with over 23, 000 comments expressing their opinion on the topic. The parents and commenters weighing seemed to be divided right down the middle; sometimes sparking heated debates amongst one another.

Is there a right or wrong answer in this discussion? Or is it none of other people’s business when it comes to parenting?

The full Facebook post is below. What do you think? Does the punishment fit the deed or was it too harsh?

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Source: Newsner, Featured image credit: SophieMcBride___ via Twitter, note this is not the child in the story

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