Sister Starts Playing Her Guitar – Then Brother With Down Syndrome Joins In And Steals The Show


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A beautiful video featuring a stunning singer/songwriter named Leah Kirwan and her younger brother Noah has captured the internet by storm for their memorable and unique duet. Leah and her younger brother, who was born with Down Syndrome sat down to sing David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium” together, and the end result is absolutely unforgettable.

She explains that the video was to prove that being born with Down Syndrome is nothing to be sad about, as people also often tell her that they are sorry to hear that her sibling was born with the syndrome. She also notes that her brother is her “biggest fan and best friend.” All of this shines through in the video, with her brother acting carefree and silly, and the love between them shining through the screen.

On her experience living with her brother, she explained further:

“When I meet new people and tell them my brother has Downs Syndrome most of them react with: “Oh I’m so sorry to hear that”. Please don’t be! I’m 25 years now and I don’t know life any other way. Sure it’s been hard some times but he is my brother and I love him to the moon and back. I wouldn’t be without him. He is my biggest fan and my best friend – that’s the way it’s always been. He has taught me so many things and has a huge impact on the person I’m today.”

The video has received over 2.6 million views, and comments include things such as “Just super Leah and Noah, you’re both superstars xx” and “An amazing talent you have, beautiful video x.” We can’t help but agree with how much we are in love with these brilliant kids!

Check out the video in full below and tell us what you love to do with your siblings!


Source: Facebook

Thought I’d do a duet with my favourite little man singing his favourite song, Titanium󾍔󾬐 Enjoy!

Posted by Leah Kirwan on Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Source: Leah Kirwan via Facebook

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