Pixel 2 XL: New problem prevents Google phone screen from registering touches

Pixel 2 XL users have reported yet another issue with the smartphone.

Google addressed a number of complaints with a software update last week, and it might need to do something similar again.

Pixel 2 XL users say their handsets are failing to register taps alongside the edges of the touchscreen, possibly due to an overly aggressive accidental touch protection system.

“The touchscreen works while sliding my finger along the edge works, but when touching it directly, it doesn’t detect that touch along the edge,” wrote Deathsoldier11 on the Pixel User Community forum.

“It seems like the touch screen is less responsive near the right edge of the screen. Left side of the screen seems a little better. But the right side is noticeable during normal use. Just wondering if this is a defect or not?”

At the time of writing, the post has had 25 replies, the majority of which support the original message.

However, some users say they’re having problems with the left-hand edge of the touchscreen.

Deathsoldier11 says the phone tends to register touches “around 2mm from the edge of the screen and not any closer”, in “about the same area where the glass begins to curve”.

While it doesn’t sound like a particularly serious issue, it could prove annoying. 

Deathsoldier11 added that, after he got in contact with Google support, a supervisor told him to submit feedback through the “Send feedback about this device” option in the handset’s Settings menu. 

Orrin, a Pixel community manager, has confirmed that Google plans to fix the issue.

“Hey All, Thanks for all the reports here, and to those that sent up additional info,” he said. 

“The team has been investigating, and this will be addressed in a future OTA update. Stay tuned.”

An update released last week added a new Saturated display option, a fix for a mysterious clicking noise and minor UI changes.

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