New York bakery invents Cheetos macarons

It’s 2017 and strange food hybrids no longer shock us. Cronuts? Old news. Mince pie croissants? Logical. But Cheetos macarons?

Um, what?

Yes, this is for real. 

In what will surely be considered sacrilege by French patissiers, a bakery on New York’s Lower East Side has invented the Cheeto macaron.

Whilst you might think this sounds like some sort of savoury biscuit in the vein of a cheese straw, think again – the description of the macaron is “Cheetos infused white chocolate ganache and cheese dust.”

So yes, this is a sweet, cheesy macaron. We don’t know what to think either. 

The woman behind the Cheetos creation is Christina Ha, the owner of Macaron Parlour.

The idea came to her when she first discovered cheese powder. Ha bought herself some but didn’t know what to do with until out of nowhere, on Halloween a few years ago, the idea for a Cheeto macaron hit her.

According to Cosmopolitan, it’s actually pretty delicious: “The shell of the macaron has the same delicious almond flour-meringue base as a traditional macaron, only it’s dyed an electric orange to look like Cheetos. The filling is where things get a ‘lil cray.”

It’s filled with a Cheetos ganache made of heavy cream, crushed Cheetos Puffs and melted white chocolate. 

The filling tastes, apparently, “kinda sweet and very cheddar-y with subtle reminders that you’re eating Cheetos cream.”

The more we think about it, the more we’re convinced we need Cheetos macarons in our lives.

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