Nando's has replaced its original vegetarian burger with two new options – and fans aren't happy

Nando’s-loving vegetarians took a low blow this week, as it was revealed on Tuesday that the restaurant chain would be scrapping their original burger for two shiny new options.

The Supergreen Burger and the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger have replaced the beloved veggie patty from the days of meat-free yore.

Though Nando’s have insisted on Twitter that the new options are “a couple of beauts,” fans are having a hard time moving on.

After receiving a series of tweets from traumatised fans, the popular chain confirmed that the tomato soya variety has officially been discontinued in light of the two newbies.

“I. Am. Devastated,” wrote Ellen Scott for

“Nando’s, you have disappointed a long-term fan today,” she said.

She’s not the only one either, Nando’s fans everywhere are universally embracing a post-veggie burger mourning period in light of the tragic news.


The new kids on the block (Nando’s)

“Oh my god this is the worst news my bf and I go at least once a month and both have the veggie burger?! Nando’s, this is a TERRIBLE idea!!” wrote one aggravated Tweeter.

As is natural during times of national crisis, fans have responded by launching a petition to “bring back the Nandos veggie burger” – it currently has 386 signatures, their goal is 500.

Emalee Rose, who is leading the petition, lamented that the original burger has been replaced “with a bland sweet potato burger and a boring broccoli one.”

She and other eager fans hope that their petition might entice Nando’s to change their minds and bring back the burger.

Good luck to ‘em.

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