Mom’s In Tears When Son Starts Kindergarten, Has Internet In Stitches When He Starts 1st Grade

Sending your child off to kindergarten on that very first day of school can be an emotional moment — for Mom, that is.

YouTube user, Woah Susannah, created a hilarious video that perfectly sums up how mothers act on their child’s first day of kindergarten versus their first day of any other grade after that. As with all comedy gold — it’s funny because it’s true.

The video is amusingly titled ‘He’s Not Ready!’ — the phrase that thousands of moms keep repeating to themselves on that pivotal first day of kindergarten. A majority of her video is acting out her range of emotions after dropping her precious baby boy off at school for the first time — she nails it.

The comical video shows Woah Susannah breaking down in tears after dropping off her son. ‘He’s not ready!’ she shouts to herself in the car through her (fake) waterworks.


Source: Woah Susannah via YouTube

Her rants and antics are hilarious as she goes through all the emotions and thoughts that all moms have on this dreaded day.

“I’m going back to get him, I’m going to go back and get him because he isn’t ready, he’s only 5!” Woah Susannah says as she endearingly mocks herself and other moms.

“I don’t know if he can carry his lunch tray, I don’t know if he knows where the bathroom is, ” she continues.

“I don’t know if he’ll eat his lunch.”

“What am I going to do all day? I’m going to sit around all day and listen to the clock tick, that’s what I’m going to do,” she mopes.


Source: Woah Susannah via YouTube

The last segment of her video shows how she, and probably many other moms, act on the first day of every other grade. Not quite the same reaction as before.

As your kids get older, having them go off to school for the day can be an absolute blessing for many moms. This means ‘quiet time.’ This means ‘relaxation time.’ This means ‘mommy time.’

In her reenactment of the ‘first day of every other grade,’ Woah Susannah drops off her kids and is blasting George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ on the radio before she receives a phone call from her friend. It’s absolutely spot-on.

The funny mom’s relatable video is below. She hilariously summed up what so many other moms have felt before.

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