Love Cocoa launches Europe's first ever vegan avocado chocolate bar

Whether it’s served smashed up on toast, infused into beer, or its skin used as a latte cup – the humble avocado has gone above and beyond any other ingredient out there.

But it seems breakfast’s most Instagrammed food has found a new home with a confectionery mash-up you never knew you needed. 

That’s right, vegan avocado chocolate exists.

The bar – which costs £4.25 a pop – is the brainchild of Love Cocoa, a luxury chocolate company launched by James Cadbury, the great-great-great grandson of Cadbury’s founder.

To date the brand has experimented with classic English flavours like Maldon Sea Salt, Earl Grey Tea and Gin & Tonic.

But this time round they’re tapping into our obsession with all things avocado to create a chocolate bar that combines 70 per cent dark chocolate with the nutrient rich and creamy tasting fruit. 

“Growing up a Cadbury, I’ve always loved chocolate and experimenting in the kitchen,” said James.


“And like the millions on Instagram, I’m also an avocado fan, so I thought why not mix two of the most loved flavours and foods together – and that’s how the avocado chocolate bar was born.”

The avocado ingredient used in the bar is 100 per cent natural freeze-dried avocado pulp powder made from the best Hass avocados in the world. 

What’s more, its creators say it keeps the avocado’s nutrients. Chocolate that’s actually good for us? We don’t need telling twice.

Love Cocoa’s Avocado Dark Chocolate Bar is available to buy now on Love Cocoa’s website priced at £4.25, with more stockists to be announced shortly.

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