I’m A Self-Taught Baker Who Makes Cake Popsicles From Leftover Cake Scraps

Hello! My name is Raymond otherwise known as Ray Ray and I’m a self-taught baker from Melbourne.

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About three years ago, whilst completing my Master Degree in Accounting, which wasn’t of my interest, I started baking as a humble hobby. That year, I conveniently announced that I will be bringing desserts to every friends and family party I’m invited to and I baked my first cake.

I’m probably best known for unique cake designs and cake pops or as I call them ‘cake-popsicles’. The idea of it came from using leftover cake scraps from my offcuts and failed attempts at bad recipes. I find the usual round cake pop shape was a little dated and decided that the little popsicle shape would give me a slightly bigger canvas to play with.

The cake comes in a variety of flavours from classic butter pound to black sesame, spinach and most recently white lotus and salted egg yolks.

Some of my favourite designs are inspired by architecture, mythical creatures, elements of nature, cartoon characters and often from my travel.

Apart from accepting occasional limited order, in the past year, I have travelled to cities like Paris, Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok Jakarta and Seoul for demonstrations, workshops, and collaborative work.

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