IKEA predicts what our homes will look like in 30 years

To celebrate 30 years in the UK this month, Swedish furniture giant IKEA has revealed the top interiors trends most likely to be in our homes in the next three decades.

So, what can we expect to be showcasing in our homes in 2047?

Light switches will be a thing of the past as homeowners opt for an entire wall of smart lighting that will follow you as you move across the room. 

And forget waiting for 12-14 weeks for your new chairs to be delivered, as all of our furniture will be 3D-printed.

Sustainable living will be crucial, with household plants and even our kitchen herbs grown hydroponically, a method of growing plants which adds nutrients but without soil. 

Finally, there will be no reason to scramble for your phone in the morning as high-tech smart mirrors will be able to offer both the time and weather – as well as your reflection. 


The trend of sustainable living shows no sign of slowing down

Until October 21, Ikea has taken over a townhouse to show Londoners the future of interior design – and take a look back to the past 30 years. 

Head to 19 Greek Street by day to see four floors transformed into era-defining living rooms, giving visitors a peak into bygone years alongside what to expect in the future. 

As night falls each room turns into house party central with music, food and drinks relating to the relevant decade. 

Head to the Eighties for deep navy walls and red furniture with the Nineties offering a fresher palette of white and taupe.

Shiny acrylic furniture and clashing walls bring the Noughties to life. 

  • Open from 12pm – 6pm during the day, entry is free of charge and there is an age restriction of 18 years old for evening events. Find the exhibition at 19 Greek Street, London W1D 4DT​. Evening visits must be pre-booked via Eventbrite with a small amount of tickets available on the door. 

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