Ice Skater Stands On The Ice – Then ‘Hallelujah’ Comes On And She Brings Internet To Tears

This ice skater’s “Hallelujah” routine will move you to tears.

Except for the handful of people who enjoy ice skating as a pastime on the weekend, the thought of whirling and twirling on an icy surface is far from thrilling. Taryn Jurgensen, however, could not imagine her life without it. Taryn was born to be a performer on ice skates. Since she was very young, she was ready to show the world who she was.

Uploaded seven years ago by Taryn herself is a video titled “Halleluiah” featuring her winning performance during the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase in Burbank, California, where she received the Funakoshi Trophy. According to the description of the video, Karen Kwan-Oppegard choreographed the performance.


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Despite being a seven-year-old performance, the video recently started making rounds on social media. According to Faith Tap, the performance brings tears to the eyes of anyone who watches it.

It was during the mid-19th century that ice skating transformed into a sport.

Right out of the gate, it was a boring and mundane sport until Jackson Haines – the father of modern figure skating – took over in the 1860s.

Haines saw ice skating and figure skating from a different perspective than the rest of the world during his time. He knew it could be a beautiful and elegant sport. It did not take long for his perspective on ice skating to spread, and it resulted in the formation of The International Skating Union in the early 1890s.

If it was not for this important milestone in history, the elegant performance of Taryn Jurgensen would not exist.


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After the formation of the International Skating Union, figure skating and ice skating continued to grow into the beautiful sport it is today.

During her performance seven years ago, Taryn demonstrated the true beauty Haines knew ice skating offered all of those years ago. People described Taryn’s performance with words like “elegance,” “smoothness,” and “expressiveness.” To date, the viral video has accumulated more than 4.5 million views with YouTube users who agree the performance is truly elegant. Some users admit to frequently watching the video because of how beautiful it truly is.

“Taryn, I watch this video of you frequently. Your elegance, grace and skill are so inspiring. I started skating at 59 and hold onto the dream that sometime, in this life, I will be able to skate half as beautifully as you. Your choice of music, costume and choreography is most beautiful. Thank you!”

A second user seems to agree: “i still watch this video and die at how amazing you are…. beautiful song choice…. beautiful girl.. so much artistry and depth and so well executed im just obsessed.”


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Unfortunately, the last time Taryn uploaded a video of her performances to YouTube was three years ago.

She uploaded a video titled “Demons.” In the video description, she explained the video was in memory of the sudden and unexpected passing of her godbrother.

“I made this video in loving memory of Kristian Magnani. Kristian was the best godbrother I could have ever asked for. He loved to tease me and tickle me and make me laugh. He had such a unique presence about him, you could always tell when he was in the room. He was vibrant, athletic, funny, kind and a true gentleman. And he always seemed to be cooking up something new!”


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She noted his death was unexpected and sudden.

“I kept going back and forth between disbelief and this heart-wrenching sadness. It was hard being so far away from home. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. And at times when I finally did, the grief was unbearable. I was a mess. I asked my friend Eliot to help me choreograph this number because I realized I needed an outlet before my emotions overwhelmed me. So this program is for Kristian, my one and only godbrother, who I will always remember and love.”

Fans of Taryn can subscribe to her channel on YouTube to check out some of her other videos.

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Sources: Faith Tap, Taryn Jurgensen

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