I Created A Unique Cats Tribe Called “Miiauji”

I am Ričardas Strazdauskas, an amateur graphic artist from Lithuania. Art to me is a hobby, passion and a way to express myself. My main tools are simple pencils, gel pens and acrylic markers.

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I got a lots of encouragement from my family, friends and colleagues – they said that my artworks would be perfect for coloring books that are used for artistic therapy, so I dream of publishing a coloring book.

I would like to present my artworks to the visitors of “Bored Panda” website under the name “Undiscovered tribe” and I believe that there would be publishing houses or financial sponsor willing to help me to fulfil my dream. I wish to bring these characters to life and I dream that they will come to our world – both in movies and games, fashion, art reproductions, or in other environments.

In these works I will help you to discover the mysterious “Miiauji” tribe with its exclusive, differently patterned members – cats. The creation of this tribe was inspired by a dream that sent me into the parallel world where these majestic cats reigned. No, not ordinary domestic cats, but large wild predators, both intriguing and charming. These unique beasts, covered in best feathers and their hunting trophies, accepted me as a friend in their tribe – so I could learn a lot about them and portray them in my own artwork perfectly. I had a chance to watch this unique cat community from very close, but having learned about their everyday life, hunting characteristics and communication peculiarities, I have concluded that their behaviour and inside world is very similar to our cats – they are witty, very curious and always looking for some adventures. As a result, I called the tribe „Miiauji“ and gave it a scientific name TUNICA PLUMIS COOPERTUS FELES TRIBUS (From Latin “feather-fur covered tribe of cats”). I hope you will like my art!

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