Dad Escorts Son Past Bullies – Weeks Later, Son Silences Them With Confident Response

A YouTube video uploaded by American Family Insurance is melting hearts and making millions of people’s eyes well with tears. The powerful message has been viewed over 11.5 million times.

The well-produced video is all about a father’s love and encouragement, building the confidence to stand up to bullies in a non-violent way and to always follow your dreams. There is so much power and inspiration packed into the short two-minute video.

The video opens with a young boy sitting in his bedroom admiring Flamenco dancers on his phone. There’s a knock on his door; it’s his dad, and he quickly shuts down the video of the Latin dancers.

The young boy’s dad enters his room carrying a box; inside was a gift that would change his life forever.


Source: American Family Insurance via YouTube

Inside the box was a Judo martial arts uniform; the young boy seems a bit hesitant at first as his dad says that he’ll be ‘starting tomorrow.’ By the look of worry in the kid’s eyes, you can tell that he lacks a bit of confidence. His dad nods at him with encouragement.

The next day as the boy wearing his martial arts uniform and his dad were walking down the street; they walked by the neighborhood bullies that like to taunt the young boy. Calling him “daddy’s boy” as he walks by — the young boy’s father holds him close to protect him.

After weeks of martial arts training, the young boy began to build his confidence and strength; moving up in rank and even earning a trophy. His dad couldn’t have been more proud; he knew exactly how to let his son know.


Source: American Family Insurance via YouTube

After winning his very first trophy, feeling more confident than ever, the boy places the gold statue on a shelf in his room. He proudly displays all of his accomplishments, including his multi-colored martial arts belts nearby.

Soon, there’s another knock at his door — it’s his dad again, holding another white box just like before. However, this time? It’s a Flamenco dancer’s uniform. His dad never forgot or dismissed his son’s true dream; he just wanted to make sure he had the confidence to take it on.

The love, encouragement, and compassion from his dad give the young boy the confidence to respond to his bullies in the best way possible. The entire video is below.

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