Chucky Was Based On A Real Life Haunted Doll With A Story So Creepy It Will Give You Nightmares

For those of us who were around in the 80s, you’re probably familiar with the Chucky franchise about a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray who transfers his soul into a doll in order to continue his murderous escapades.

If you’ve ever seen a Chucky doll you’ll know that he is creepy looking as all hell.

But what’s, even more, heebie-jeebie inducing is the fact that Chucky is based on a true story. Apparently, the classic horror franchise is based on an actual voodoo doll from 1906.

And honestly, we’re not sure which version of the doll is more terrifying.

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According to J.H. Moncrieff, Chucky is based on “Robert the Doll” which was given to Key West artist and author Robert Eugene Otto, who was nicknamed Gene, when he was just 6-years-old.

The doll was made by his Bahamian servants from wireframe, some cloth, straw, and hair from Gene’s own head.

That fact alone puts the Robert doll in the running for creepiest so far.

The servant allegedly doused the doll in some black magic voodoo after she was mistreated and had her children taken away in order to take care of Gene.


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Gene loved the doll and soon began to speak to it. His parents didn’t think anything of it until the doll answered back in a spooky voice.

And things just got freakier from there.

Eventually, all of Gene’s other toys were ripped to shreds and neighbors said they saw the doll watching them from different windows when the family wasn’t home.

Gene’s parents said they saw the doll giggle and move throughout the house. One night Gene woke up screaming and his parents found all the furniture in his room was knocked over. He blamed Robert for the mess.


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A plumber reportedly left the house in terror after he said the doll snickered at him and other visitors said they saw the doll blink and change its expression.

Robert was eventually placed in the attic but Robert still managed to spook people from the attic windows. Starring at passersby and taunting the local children.

Gene said Robert kept returning to the main floor even after he kept placing the doll back in the attic. When another family moved into the house, the family’s daughter claimed the doll only to have the same spooky occurrences happen to her.


Source: J.H. Moncrieff

Except that this time Robert grew angrier. The little girl claimed that Robert attacked her and tied their dog up with a cord when they put him back in the attic.

You can actually visit the spooky doll at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West.

But if you want to take a photo of Robert you have to ask first. Those who did without asking have regretted it and wrote apology letters that they sent to the museum. You can read more about Robert here.

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Source: J.G. Moncrieff

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