Amish Teacher Has Had A ‘Bad Hair Decade,’ Gets New Look That Highlights Her Gorgeous Features

In the Amish community, women live a life of modesty wearing simple dresses that cover them up and their hair pinned up and covered by a bonnet. Sarah was raised in a small Amish community and never colored or styled her hair.

It was straight and didn’t have much shape.

Like other Amish women, the housekeeper and school teacher kept it pinned up under a bonnet. But she was ready for a change.

Her friend Laura nominated her for a hair makeover by stylist Theodore Leaf on what is said to be “the most inspiring episode” of Glamour’s Bad Hair Day.


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She was shocked when they came through her door with a set of cameras ready to give her a whole new look.

Sarah explained to Theodore that’s she’s been having a bad hair day for 21 years and asked him what he was going to do about it.

“Oh you have no idea!” he told her. “I’m going to do lots of things. Are you excited? Come with me, we are going to competely change your hair and its going to be everything!”

Theodore explained that he was going to cut layers into it and shape her hair around her face. He would keep it long enough so that she could pin it up in her bonnet when she needed to. He also would make her blonde.


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“I think we should absolutely color your hair because blondes do have more fun, but I want it to look real and natural,” he told her.

And Sarah was definitely ready for some fun.

“I’ve always had pretty much a boring life, small town, Amish on top of that,” Sarah explained. “I’m definitely up for an adventure. I always like adventure and this doing my hair thing that definitely is exciting.”

The Amish have something called Rumspringa, which is a time when Amish youth are encouraged to explore Western culture. They are allowed to experiment with styling their hair differently and wearing different clothes.

They use this experience to decided whether or not they want to continue being Amish.


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So, Sarah decided that her new hair would be perfect for her Rumspringa exploration.

Sarah was completely blown away by her new look.

“Oh my stars,” she gasped. “I don’t know what t say. This is, oh my goodness.”

Thanks to Theodore, Sarah was finally having a good hair day. You can see her dramatic transformation below.

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