50 Men Posted How They’ll Change In Response To #MeToo Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

Actress Alyssa Milano has started the #MeToo social media campaign, showing women they aren’t the only individuals facing sexual assault and harassment. The campaign went viral, generating thousands of responses, retweets, likes, giving a supreme sense of magnitude to the problem.

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Australian journalist and screenwriter Benjamin Law has created the hashtag #HowIWillChange in response to Milano’s effort. He used it as a tool to publicly announce his support and to commit to change against the culture of sexual violence.

The act of sharing devastating #MeToo stories on social media shook the public, highlighting how many women have had similar experiences. Eventually, as the flood of these messages continued, women started asking men what are they going to do to address the situation. Law’s #HowIWillChange is just what everyone needed. It will give voice to all who want to stand up. “I will never blame a victim,” one guy wrote. “I will keep showing my 3 sons and one grandson how to honor and respect women,” said the other. Scroll down to read how men are getting involved and upvote your favorite pledges.

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