4 Nifty Tricks To Open Even The Most Annoying Plastic Packaging. Life Just Got Easier

So you just got a brand new tool, and you can’t wait to use it. The trouble is, getting it out of the packaging is so much work! By the time you finally free your trusty tool, you are too frustrated to use it. Never fear, Nifty has come to the rescue! Here are 4 amazing hacks that make opening difficult packages a breeze.

1. Use a can-opener to remove hard, sealed plastic packages.


Source: Consumer Crafts

When scissors just won’t do the trick, running a can-opener along the edges of the packaging can take the headache out of getting your tool free. Simply set up the can-opener, crank it around the seal, and open with ease. You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t try this hack sooner.

2. Use a fork to unlock zip-ties.


Source: Quaint Junk

Zip-ties can be a tough obstacle when it comes to opening new products. If you have ever faced the unconquerable foe that is the zip-tie, you know just how much time and energy these little suckers can drain from your life. Thanks to Nifty, you’ll never have to worry about going up against zip-ties again. The miracle tool that can save you from this hassle is none other than: the fork! Simply stick one of the outer prongs of the fork into the zip-tie lock, press, and pull the lock off the other strand of zip-tie. Easy as pie.

3. Open to-go bags by twisting the plastic handles.


Source: Custom GroceryBags

Have you ever struggled to open the knot-and-bow atop a plastic to-go bag? No one wants to wrestle with a bag while their delivery meal is getting cold! Problem solved: twist the handles around so you can slip them through the knot with ease. Untangle the knot by first wrapping each of the bunny-ear handles around themselves, so that the plastic is wound into a spiraling structure. Then slide each loop through the central knot, loosening it in the process. Repeat the process until your food is free from its plastic prison.

4. Open jam jars with ease.


Source: SitePoint

We all know the common depiction of a woman struggling to open a jar while a man slides the lid off without breaking a sweat. What happens when there is no one around to help? Never lose to the jar again with this quick trick! Wrap a rubber band around the lid of the jar. This will add extra grip, so when you try to open the jar your hand will stick better. Grab the lid on the part where the rubber band covers it and twist. Presto! Another kitchen crisis averted.

Opening packaging does not need to be a nightmare. With these wonderful life hacks, you can open any plastic container with ease. Happy opening!

4 Rage-Free Ways To Open Difficult Packaging 😡➡️💪

Posted by Nifty on Friday, November 3, 2017

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