32 Darkly Humorous Comics About Raccoons That Are Actually About You

Artists are searching for inspiration everywhere, and to Carissa Kaye Powell a.k.a. Simkaye it came in the form of a nickname. “After a few friends and coworkers likened me to a raccoon, I began drawing Coon to document my internal dialogue and domestic misadventures,” the artist wrote. You could call her webcomic self-deprecating, but Simkaye’s introspective stories are insightful and funny nonetheless.

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Drawing inspiration from Charlie Chaplin’s way of finding humor in life’s mishaps, Coon is an embodiment of just that. “I enjoy creating art inspired by comedy, the Southwest, and promoting wildlife conservation,” the Dallas-based artist added. From dealing with responsibilities to countering workouts with pizza, Simkaye’s strips will make you cry after you laughed as well. Scroll down to please your twisted side and vote for your favorites.

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