24 Hilariously Honest Comics That Capture My Parenting Experience

Hello ! My name is Yllya, I’m a french freelance illustrator and comic artist, and I’m the mother of a 3 years old little girl.

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Last year, and somewhat by chance, I started a webcomic on Instagram about my family life. We were coming back home after daycare and we got stuck in the elevator of our building. I was panicked cause I’m a bit claustrophobic, but my daughter seems to think it was some kind of game, and my husband stayed stoic like he usually does. Later, when we finally could get out, I thought that it was a funny story and that I could turn it into a comic. I drew it, and posted it on Instagram and people seems to like it. A few weeks later, I draw another one after a conversation with my husband about our daughter’s hair. And people liked it too. So started a webcomic.

Family and parenting are a source of infinite inspiration.

All comics are based on a real story with A LOT of caricatures. The fun fact is there is always somebody to take it at face value.

I’m having a lot of fun drawing this comic and I hope that you’ll have a lot of fun too by reading it!

More info: Instagram

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