10 ways to transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary this winter

Even the smallest changes can transform a bedroom, taking it from a functional space to the perfect sanctuary in which to unwind after a busy day.

The nights are drawing in at an alarming rate and long summer evenings spent sipping rosé in waterside bars are a distant memory. 

So as we swap our slingbacks for soft, chunky knits, it makes sense to ensure our bedrooms are just as warm and comforting. 


Clever pairings: “If you’re using darker hues for the walls, it’s important to use softer and lighter coloured accessories to lift the room,” says Crown’s colour consultant Judy Smith

A third of renovation projects by UK homeowners are on bedrooms, with average spends of more than £1,500, according to a study by online design platform Houzz

And, coupled with new research highlighting bedroom furnishings as being bought every 13 seconds on eBay in the UK last year, it’s clear we’re a nation obsessed with adding personal touches into our homes. Particularly in the bedroom. 

Cushions are the most popular bedroom buys, according to eBay’s UK retail report, followed by pillows and bed throws. 

Duvets, mattresses and blankets also feature in the top 10 most popular items but, as ever, often the biggest question is where to start? 


Vibrant shades: darker colours will transform your bedroom into a sophisticated space for winter

Five top tips for bedrooms

We’ve compiled our pick of accessories for sale in the gallery above, plus five expert tips from online linen retailer Tielle Love Luxury’s interior design expert Emma Hooton… 

  • As a general rule, the lighter you are the softer the mattress you should choose for optimum comfort
  • Duvets need to be the perfect combination of comfortable warmth and weighty cosiness, a 10.5 tog rating works perfectly with the recommended average room temperature in the UK
  • Don’t worry too much about thread count being as high as possible, a good quality 300-threadcount can feel as luxurious as a higher one
  • Lighting levels throughout your bath and bedtime ritual need to be soft
  • Put technology in another room to remove temptation and keep lights dimmed with gentle candlelight for a soothing start to a good night’s sleep

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