10+ Statements About Marriage Realities That Every Married Couple Can Relate To

Most of us dream of finding our special someone and riding off into the sunset with them to live happily ever after in wedded bliss.

And lots of the time it’s like that.

Love, after all, is the greatest thing on earth. But married life can get downright weird, and gross, and kind of boring, while also cozily comfortable. It’s not always lovey dovey and hot and steamy all the time. Some of the time, but not all of the time.

Lots of the time it’s just like living with your best friend. If you need a glimpse into what marriage is like, you’ll want to check out the examples below to get a true taste of married life.

1) You Get to Watch Your Spouse Sleep

Which is both creepy and beautiful at the same time.


Source: Flickr/TempusVolat

2) Most Arguments Are About Money or Whose Doing Laundry or Cleaning the Toilet

About 90 percent of them.


Source: Clean Organized Family Home

3) Trust Issues Don’t Often Involve Infidelity

It involves who ate the last brownie.


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4) Eventually, You Pee With the Door Open

This usually happens around somewhere in between you getting engaged and taking out a mortgage.


Source: someecards

5) The Majority of Your Relationship Revolves Around Food

Specifically, discussing what you’re going to eat for dinner via text.


Source: unitedlols.tumblr.com

6) Acts of True Love Are Simple

And involve things like popping the pimples on your spouse’s back that they can’t reach.


Source: Fatherly

7) Seducing Your Spouse is Easy as Pie

This involves letting them sleep in late or bringing them baked goods.


Source: James Michael Sama

8) Sleep = Currency

You can trade it for chores, sex, and various other commodities.


Source: Greatist

9) Lingerie Becomes a Thing of the Past

Married people are just happy to be in bed. Being naked is a bonus.


Source: What’s Up Life

10) Husbands Have Pictures of Tampon Boxes in Their Cell Phones

That’s so they don’t buy the wrong ones at the store and have to go back.


Source: The Healthy Economist

11) Using the Towels Set Aside for Guests is a Serious Offense

Dry off at your own risk and suffer the consequences.


Source: The Company Store

12) You Have to Work Together

Partnership in marriage involves passing your spouse some toilet paper when they are stranded on the john without it.


Source: Alamy

13) Invest in a Very Large Blanket

We’re pretty sure most divorces happen because of small blankets.


Source: Sleep Solutions

14) There is One Forever Lasting Unspoken Competition You Will Always Be In

And that is who your children love more, you or your spouse. Hint: moms usually win every time.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

15) Sex Always Begins the Same Way

By laying a towel down… kinky.


Source: WikiHow

16) Men Learn Why They Need to Put the Seat Down the Hard Way

When their wife is screaming from the bathroom at 3 a.m. because they fell in.


Source: aacc.net

17) You Share Everything

Except for your toothbrush. That is yours and yours alone.


Source: AliExpress

18) You Look Out For Each Other

Which means you make sure your spouse doesn’t look fat or weird in their Facebook photos.


Source: Armin Weigel

19) One of You is on a Diet… the Other is Not

And is eating something that you can’t eat.


Source: The Telegraph

20) Prepare BEFORE You Assemble Ikea Furniture

It’s best to call the marriage counselor ahead of time to book that appointment you’re inevitably going to need.


Source: Rebel Circus

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