10+ Hilarious Passive Aggressive Neighbors You’ll Be Glad You Don’t Live Close To

You can search for the perfect house or apartment in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect view, but there’s one thing you can’t pick or predict — it’s your neighbors.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the type of neighbors that say hello as you come and go and they’ll feed your pets when you’re out of town. If you’re not-so-lucky, your neighbors are more likely to blare loud music in the late hours of the night or park their three RVs in front of your house.

These neighbors below aren’t exactly following the ‘norm’ of the neighborhood. Their unusual and hilarious habits will make you glad you don’t live next door to them.

Let’s face it — some people are just weird.

1. Umm…that’s not how his sleigh works.


Source: okaykitty via Reddit

2. “My neighbor freezes one snowball to throw at me in mid-July. I say this summer; it’s game on.”


Source: Renderiot via Reddit

3. The difference between men and women summed up in balconies.


Source: Ecclessis via Reddit

4. “My neighbor leaves this in his window to scare passers-by.” I’m sure it works every time. Yuck.


Source: Reddit

5. This guy hates his neighbor’s floodlights so much that he put up a mirror to reflect the light back into their house.


Source: sheriffearp via Reddit

6. Their neighbor has a legitimate Godzilla statue in their backyard.


Source: sidewalkflavoredsoda via Reddit

7. This is the definition of a passive-aggressive neighbor.


Source: aquabird via Reddit

8. After eating cookies brought over by their neighbor, they saw this on the bottom of the plate.


Source: rainbowsherbertshit via Reddit

9. You know who you are, “good neighbor.”


Source: Pleated Jeans

10. Oh, snap. Busted!


Source: Buzzfeed

11. Well, that was nice of them.


Source: chasingadalia via imgur

12. That’s just gross, dude.


Source: imgur

13. It does seem a bit aggressive right off the bat.


Source: specialk via flickr

14. “Last week I put a piece of tape on my bin lid to fix a crack. My 92 year old neighbor obviously thought we were labelling our bins with our unit numbers…” Now, that’s just cute.


Source: Your_Local_Engineer via Reddit

15. Their neighbors walk their parrots. To each their own.


Source: hamdangled via imgur

16. I wouldn’t test this person.


Source: Passive Aggressive Notes

17. There are no words for this.


Source: me irl via Reddit

18. The truth is out there.


Source: Austy Spamonte via Reddit

19. Now, that’s just creative.


Source: DTIT1TD via Reddit

20. This person is a passive-aggressive note-writing pro.

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